Valparaiso – 443.5125 $293 P25 Repeater

As of December 2022 this repeater is on the air!

This repeater is a Motorola Quantar running at 100W via a split TX/RX combiner/multicoupler system into two 10dB antennas at 200ft. The repeater is full-time linked to the Indiana P25 Network and provides majority coverage of Lake, Porter, and La Porte counties. Check out the IDHR Facebook Group for updates and information!

Simulated repeater coverage map for an HT. Mobile & base coverage is far wider.
Output Frequency443.5125 MHz
Input Frequency448.5125 MHz
Power Output (before cavities)100 W
Feedline/Combiner Loss4.0 dB
TX/RX AntennasHustler HX10-43050 10dBd
EIRP56 dBm (400 W)
Antenna Height65m

Talkgroup Information

This repeater deafults to TG 6395 – the Indiana Digital Ham Radio P25 Reflector. Other talkgroups are made available on a part-time basis from the MMDVM reflector list. The full list is available at but recommended reflectors are listed below:

TG 1-10Local only – transmissions will not be repeated over the network
TG 11Local parrot – useful for testing your audio
TG 2050KM4NNO DIU Allstar Reflector – Juan is the developer of the p25link software
TG 6395Indiana -Default Talkgroup – IDHR P25 Reflector. Linked to 10+ repeaters throughout Indiana
TG 10100-10103Worldwide Calling & Tac Reflectors
TG 10200-10203North America Calling & Tac Reflectors
TG 31691Midwest P25 Reflector